About Enforce-logic Ltd    

Enforce-logic was incorporated on 15th September 2005 by a retired Police officer. We noticed a gap in the market for good quality equipment for police officers, military personnel and security operatives. There were a few stores and websites around at the time stocking police and military equipment, and although they supplied a vast range of equipment, some of it was of inferior quality and most of it was not really relevant or suitable for use by professional people who demand the best kit available at an affordable price.

It was also apparent that some police forces procured equipment for their specialist departments that was far superior to the kit they issued to their patrol officers.  The same is true in the military. A lot of officers know that having the best equipment for the job makes their job easier, and more importantly, safer.  The possession of a decent torch, for example, assists greatly in the very difficult job they do. It is no surprise then that some officers buy their own kit to supplement issue kit.

Many of the products stocked by Enforce-logic , such as the handcuff keys and Saunders Cruisermates, have been sourced in the United States. American police officers have always seemed to be ahead of UK police officers in terms of their equipment. They were using overt batons, pepper sprays, protective vests etc, long before we were here in Great Britain. That is why we often look to the U.S.A to see what kit they are using and try to get it over here for our customers. One exception is Altberg boots which is a British company based in North Yorkshire. Altberg made it's name by making boots for the military. 

A lot of the equipment we sell is expensive, but it is probably true what they say - "You get what you pay for".   We don't want to sell you inferior products that will let you down. Having said that, we try to be extremely competitive with our pricing. We don't have a complicated refund policy if you find something cheaper elsewhere, just e-mail us and will take a look and see what we can do. 

The company has grown much more quickly than anticipated, probably due to 'word of mouth' as we try to achieve the very highest standards of customer service.  It is very popular these days for companies to make these claims; but unlike some companies we say what we mean and do what we say.

Not listed? We will try our best to source any item you are looking for. If you think we should stock a particular item, please let us know, we are always pleased to receive ideas and feedback.

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email: admin@enforce-logic.com