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AltBerg Svartz Anatomix Lite Footbeds

Firm Foot Support (which will bed in)

Excellent Arch Support 

Improved Heel & Achilles Alignment & Stabilisation

Size 2 - to fit boot size 2.5 > 4
Size 3 - to fit boot size 4.5 > 6
Size 4 - to fit boot size 6.5 > 8
Size 5 - to fit boot size 8.5 > 10
Size 6 - to fit boot size 10.5 > 12
Size 7 - to fit boot size 12.5 > 14

Svartz® Anatomix® Lite Foot bed

The Anatomix® gives maximum heel/rear foot stabilisation to maintain foot and ankle alignment.  The high sided support and three dimensional underfoot shape also improve the fitting of footwear, especially around the heel and ankle.

Medium/firm – adaptive support under the foot

Dual density cushioning (45/55) medium  (Shore A test – scale is 10 to 80 – 10 = maximum cushioning, 80 = minimum cushioning)

Foot bed covering – micro-porous and extra holes under the forefoot for increased air circulation

Forefoot thickness is 4.5-5.0 mm

Centre heel thickness 6.5mm

Kevlar cradle design around heel to give shock absorption, and also allow the foot bed to ‘bed in’ during use

Washable at 40 degrees
Sweat Absorbing
Temperature Regulator
Shock Absorbing
Better Ankle Support
Better Weight Distribution
Improved Stabilisation


Clean by rubbing gently with a sponge, hot water, and normal soap, then rinse the foot bed surface under a running tap.  This will help flush out any perspiration salts which may have been absorbed into the foot bed fabric.

The Anatomix® Lite may only be hand washed as per the instructions above.


Allow to dry naturally in a cool place.

Do not put near heat

Do not dry on a radiator

Do not tumble dry

Do not dry in sunlight

Heat will damage the footbeds

AltBerg Footbeds Trim To Fit Advice


(First check the old foot bed is a good fit) Remove old foot bed from the boot  

 AltBerg Svartz Foodbeds Fitting Advice



If the old foot bed is a good fit, use it to mark the Svartz foot bed trimming line

 AltBerg Svartz Footbeds Trimming Advice



The line should be clearly marked.
Add a little bit if the old foot bed was too small. Reduce a little bit if the old foot bed was too tight  


Use scissors to trim the Svartz foot bed to the required size


Don't cut too much - a full half size is only 6mm! If unsure, trim a bit at a time, you can always cut a little bit more off - but you can't add it back on again


Put the trimmed foot bed into the boot to replace the old foot bed. CHECK THE FIT -if it is still too tight, mark and trim a little more


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Altberg Svartz Anatomix LITE Footbeds

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