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AltBerg Tabbing Boot Black

  • AltBerg Men's Tabbing Boot Black Leather
  • AltBerg Men's Tabbing Boot Black Leather
  • AltBerg Men's Tabbing Boot Black Leather
  • AltBerg Men's Tabbing Boot Black Leather
  • AltBerg Men's Tabbing Boot Black Leather

AltBerg Tabbing Boot Black

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AltBerg Men's Tabbing Boot Black

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Altberg Men's Tabbing Boot is an Altberg development based on the Sneeker. They start at UK size 7.  The key to the design is the new ergonomic last on which the boot is made, Alt-berg's new A-Forme last, which is ergonomically designed to reduce stress during running/tabbing. The heel section is narrow fitting making it more secure at your heel reducing blistered heels caused by foot movement. The AltBerg Tabbing boot is slightly lower at the ankle than the Sneeker having one row fewer lace eyelets.   The foot shape is asymmetric formed on Altberg's 'A-Forme last', which is ergonomically designed to reduce stress during running and tabbing.  The lining is Cambrelle non-waterproof, and the Tabbing boot is the lightest weight boot in the Altberg military range. Feedback from serving military personnel has been a key factor in the development of this boot.

AltBerg Tabbing Boot Specification:

Our stock at Enforce-logic is all Medium fitting.
Leather: Nappone 1.8mm soft, supple, water repellent, full grain, European hide
Lining: Cambrelle non- waterproof, ultra breathable excellent wicking and drying out properties
Mid sole: Tri-flex 3 season, multi-terrain, with good torsional support and underfoot protection
Sole: Vibram Masai micro with shock absorbing, lightweight mid layer, or the new High Traction sole.

A new Hi-Traction Sole will be introduced from Summer 2022, for information click here

Sizes: UK 7 - 13.5 (including half sizes) Widths: Stock boot medium fitting.
Width fittings not currently available on this boot (new last)
Weight: 597gms (size 8)
Height: 19.3cms (size 8, including heel)

If you are in doubt about your size, if you have narrow feet stick to your shoe size. For medium/wide feet it is worth trying a half size larger than you take in shoes, you will probably be wearing thicker socks with boots.

** Please select your size from the drop down menu above.  If your size is 'out of stock' a message will appear near the 'add to cart' button and you will be able to enter your e-mail address to receive notification as soon as we receive new stock of that size.  You can still place an order for an 'out of stock' boot and it will be dispatched as soon as we have it.  

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History of A-Forme.

Altberg is run by boot makers, it is in every sense a boot makers company.

The Altberg Boot makers have always tried to combine their traditions and knowledge of classic boot making, with the ever changing needs of today's customer. Nowhere has this been more evident that in the development of the new A-Forme Last (foot shape). 

A New Foot Shape.

During 2006, the boot makers at Altberg identified a foot shape that had different characteristics to the most common type of foot shape covered by their five width fitting lasts. They called this foot 'the asymmetric foot' - it had 4 key features:

Large toe, to inside heel was more straight: Standard boot shapes pushed the large toe sideways (inwards)

Narrower heel and waist: Heel and instep moved more than the average foot when laced securely

Wider, shallower, forefoot: Too much room above flex area of a standard boot - too much pressure at the sides of the forefoot

Instep was further back: Foot had tendency to slip forward more than average

A New Boot making Last.

During the period 2006-2011, Altberg trialled many variations of lasts - some were based on old lasts from the 1930's-1950's, other features were completely new.

By 2012, the new last was developed, they called it the asymmetric forme last, or the A-Forme last. Many of the changes are subtle, but the A-Forme last sits at the centre of the types of foot that could be classified as 'asymmetric'.

There are 5 key features:

Toe Shape: Is asymmetric, and inspired by an early running shoe shape (straight down the inside curved at the outside)
The Waist: Ergonomic shape - developed from the 'Hawkins' last (used to produce aircrew boots during WWII). The sculpted narrow waist of this 'Hawkins' last is enhanced because it was originally designed for the Goodyear Welted Shoes, which go in further at the waist
The Heel: Developed from a 1940's last by Avalon (Somerset 1966), the uniquely shaped heel was modified and remodelled to suit men's and ladies boot styles
Toe Roll or Toe Spring: Inspired by the original classic shepherds last - used in the moorlands of the Northern Dales for much of the late 19th and 20th century. The extreme toe roll was modified to suit a more modern rough terrain boot
Wide Shallow Forefoot, and Rear Set Instep: Overall, the volume is slightly more than medium, but shallower over the flex area, and the rear set instep allows the insole base to be wider than standard.

During late 2012/2013, the A-Forme last was used as the base for the further development of the Ladies Elite last, and the new ergonomic Men's Tabbing Last.

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