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Curtis Palmer Program Wristband - CPP-03

A wristband to show support to the Curtis Palmer Program. Not all woulds are visible on one side and Curtis Palmer Program on the other side.

100% of the proceeds from the sale of these items will go to the Curtis Palmer Programme.

Enforce-logic is proud to support Curtis Palmer Program.  

Curtis Palmer Program Website

The CPP was set up by serving and retired Police Officers and Police Staff for serving and retired Police Officers and Police Staff in memory of PC Curtis Palmer from Dorset Police. We help the physically ill/injured and those suffering with stress, anxiety, depression and their mental health wellbeing. Prevention is far easier than cure so we want to help officers create a work-life balance before they break and for those officers retired a better quality of life.

The Curtis Palmer Program is a registered Charity, Charity number 1202555 . We are run by 3 unpaid Co CEOs (All voted as Fellows of the Royal Geographical Society due to their expedition leading experience with military charities and emergency services charities) and we have 4 Ambassadors. The CPP bases all its activities on the NHS 5 steps to better mental health wellbeing those being. 

Socialise with others.
Physical exercise.
Learn new skills.
Team work/help others.
Mindfulness concentrate on the now.

Our Facebook page "Curtis Palmer Program" link is   Curtis Palmer Program | Facebook   

This financial year we were made Thames Valley Polices Charity of choice, recognised by the High Sherriff of Buckingham for our charity work and she presented us her High Sherriff Crest to use and endorse the work we do. We are a green charity off setting our Carbon footprint for all activities and have so far planted almost 1000 trees.
We help through a stepping stone approach, signposting service users to free short online courses in mental health wellbeing. Then running a 10 day (Mon to Fri, 40 mins a day, for 2 weeks, via Zoom) breathing and cold water immersion course (Designed to help with stress, anxiety, depression and mental health wellbeing) run by the The Power of Breathwork | The Breath Connection | United Kingdom and part sponsored by the Blue Light Card Foundation. We have run 18 of these 10 day courses helping over 400 service users from 18 different National Police Forces. The course has been so successful that 2 different Police Forces have since rolled it out for the whole of their Force's. A 12 week study/trail found an 87% reduction of stress after one session and 91% at the end of the 12 week initiative. Whilst 74% stated they had more motivation to deal with workload and 53% improvement in ability to cope with work challenges & pressures.
Then we run outward bound activities like
Monthly wild swim club from March to November.
Couch to 5K running group.
Surfing wellbeing weekends.
Mental Health wellbeing weekend breaks.

Run events like the National 3 Peaks Challenge climbing the highest mountains in Scotland, England and Wales (We've run 2 already and have our 3rd fully booked event is in Sept 2024), Run a Devizes to Westminster canoe team (We've already run x 3). Create partnership work with other Charities/Charitable Organisations including PFOA, Hidden Valley Bushcraft, Forces Wives, Pension 4 Paws, Deptherapy, Op Poseidon and The Matt Hunt Program in New Zealand.
Build up service users skills and confidence to apply for our annual expeditions. In 2024 we are sending 12 sailing on a tall ship around Devon and Cornwall. They will live and sleep on board the Johanna Lucretia - The Island Trust. Also in 2024 we are sending 14 service users to Norway where they will guided in a walk over mountains for 3 days before canoeing down the Fjords for 5 days while wild camping (This will be our 4th expedition to Norway). Each morning on both expeditions the service users will practise their breathing techniques taught by The Breath Connection so they learn/imbed coping mechanisms to use long beyond the length of the expedition itself.
We believe in a 360 approach so those that do well on expeditions we sponsor to gain outward bound qualifications and they come back and teach/help others. Some examples of that are we just sent 4 in December to gain their lowland leaders course. We have just trained an officer from the Met Police to gain his Mountain Leader Summer course and trained 8 in their NNAS Intro to Map reading Award. Soon those that sought help are those that give it (One of the NHS 5 steps). 
We provide motivational speakers to Police Forces/departments and this creates a small income for the Charity. Every World Cancer Day we bring together service users with cancer and their families and organise memory building events (2022 group climb of Scafell Pike and weekend stay in the Lake District. 2023 group climb of Snowdon and stay in Snowdonia).


Our Ambassadors are Lissie Harper MBE, Helen Barnet (Former Met Police PC who was shot on duty), Inspector Tom Dorman (Who despite losing a leg is still a serving Police Officer) and Sgt Lawrence East who was the 2023 Police Federations National winner of the Inspiration in Policing Award.

We have run for 3 years as a Charitable Organisation and were recognised as a Registered Charity by the Charity Commission on the 30th March 2023. We have set a 1, 3 and 5 year plan of growth and funding. Aware of the cost of living crisis we work tirelessly to raise funds so the majority of our UK activities are free to all service users. We were recently fortunate to be funded by the Blue Light Card Foundation and the Metropolitan Police Trading Service.

There isn't a one size fits all help to mental health wellbeing but by utilising the NHS 5 steps to better mental health wellbeing and taking a stepping stone approach to help service users we have seen some remarkable transformations. Some have described the program as life changing others as lifesaving. We initially become that support the service user needs but then teach coping mechanisms and skills for them. This progresses when service users build self-confidence, learn new skills and mix with other service users, a likeminded group, that understand the pressures of modern day policing and they in turn form their own support networks.

You can signpost staff to us or staff can self-refer via  email to

To make a donation by bank transfer to the Curtis Palmer Program please use the below details:

Curtis Palmer Program

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