KlickFast Handlebar Mount

KlickFast Handlebar Mount

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The Peter Jones (ILG) KlickFast Handlebar Mount, allows any of your kit with a Klickfast Stud to be attached to your handlebars or any similar bar or pole.

The Klick Fast System sets the standard for carrying radios and other equipment. Klick Fast gives users the option of where, and how, to carry their devices.

The slim, durable stud connector is the heart of the Klick Fast System; it can be added to any of our cases. Simply sliding the connector into any Klick Fast Dock locks it securely in place. Once docked, the equipment can be rotated to any of seven positions and it will remain held in place thanks to KlickFast's in-built ratchet positioner.  Undocking equipment takes only seconds; simply rotate the case to the inverted position and it slides free.

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