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Nightsearcher SOLARIS MEGASTAR 20,000 Lumen (20K) SLA (sealed lead acid)

We show this item as in stock and available on our website, however, it is a good idea to give us a call to confirm lead times.

Two SLA (sealed lead acid) power pack options available, 24 A/h and 38 A/h

This unit has been upgraded to 20,000 lumen LED making it more robust, compact with even better light output due to improved optics. It is designed to be used as a temporary lighting solution for sports applications. 8 units will illuminate a 60 x 40 meter area ideal for training and coaching. Used by sports clubs, schools and community sports organisers, they can be easily set up in under 2 minutes and used anywhere, avoiding the cost of hiring.  The lead acid battery is heavier than the newer Li-ion versions, and the weight of the battery can make the light more stable in windy conditions without the need for sand bags or stability pegs.

It should be noted that lead acid batteries do need to be fully charged when storing for prolonged periods in order to maintain the serviceability of the power pack.

The lightweight aluminium tripod has double extending safety locking sections that can be secondarily secured using the attached locking pins. The tripod locks into the power pack utilising the weight of the power pack to give stability to the light and tripod. Battery operated lighting can play a big part in achieving a low carbon energy future. This is a fully portable and rechargeable unit, helping to reduce CO2 emissions. Lightweight, easy to carry/transport & store. Quick and easy to assemble and of robust weatherproof construction. The MEGASTAR LED is also suitable for emergency services, military and construction sites.

settings:  20,000 / 8000 / 4000 / 2000 lumens
beam:       50m   /37.5m/ 25m / 12.5m
battery status indicator
solaris head is cast aluminium with polycarbonate lens and cover
Lightweight aluminium Extending height from 1.5m extending to 3.5m
Supplied with AC Mains charger, Tripod, Power pack and 20K Head Unit.

IP Rated IP44


24 A/h Power pack:

* Settings: 20,000 / 8000 / 4000 / 2000 lumens.
* Running Time:
    1 hour 45 mins - 20,000 lumens.
    4 hours 30 mins - 8000 lumens.
    9 hours - 4000 lumens.
    18 hours - 2000 lumens.

* Battery: 12V 24 A/h dry sealed lead acid.
* Light Source: LED.
* Charge Time: 7hrs.
* Head Size (mm): L300 x W58 x D248.
* Power pack Size: L225 x W200 x D100mm.
* Power pack Weight: 10.1Kg.
* Height: 1500mm (extends to 3500mm).
* Tripod Weight: 4.5Kg.
* total Weight: 14.6Kg.


38 A/h Power pack:

* Light Output: 20,000 / 8000 / 4000 / 2000 lumens.
* Running Time:
    2 hour 45 mins - 20,000 lumens.
    7 hours - 8000 lumens.
    14 hours - 4000.
    28 hours - 2000 lumens.

* Battery: 12V 38 A/h dry sealed lead acid.
* Charge Time: 10hrs.
* Power pack Size: L225 x W200 x D100mm.
* Power pack weight: 15.40Kg.
* Total weight: 19.8kg.

3 year Nightsearcher Warranty, please see Nightsearcher website for details.

Ground stability pegs also available, see below

* Due to International Transport and Shipping regulations, We can only dispatch this item to UK customers


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Nightsearcher Solaris Megastar 20K SLA

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