Nightsearcher Area Lighting

Nightsearcher Solaris Megastar Lite 16K 18.2 A/h Li-ion

Nightsearcher Solaris Megastar Lite 16K 18.2 A/h Li-ion

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Nightsearcher Solaris Megastar Lite 16K 18.2 A/h Li-ion

This unit is due to be upgraded to 20,000 lumens for orders end of October/ start of November 2018

The Solaris Megastar Lite LED 16K is designed for temporary floodlighting large areas such as sporting applications is now available with the high performance Lithium-ion battery.  The advantage of the Li-ion battery over the lead acid is primarily weight difference, they powerpack is much lighter and is more stable when stored in a discharged state for long periods.  It is ideal for lighting large areas such as sporting applications.  

Eight units will illuminate a 60x40 meter area, ideal for training and coaching applications.  They can easily be set up in under 2 minutes and used anywhere.

The lightweight aluminium tripod has double extending safety locking sections that can be secondarily secured using the attached locking pins.  Lightweight and easy to carry and store, the quick and easy deployment means these lights are also ideal for emergency services, military and construction sites.  The Megastar Lite also has a Control switch on the power lead to change the light settings.

Supplied with AC Charger, tripod 16K Head and powerpack.

Designed to meet IP44

Tripod Extendable height from 1.5m to 3.5m 


14.8v 18.2 A/h Li-ion Powerpack:* Light Output: 16,000 / 8000 / 4000 / 2000 lumens.
* Running Time:
    2.25 hours at 16,000 lumens.  
    4.5 hours at 8000 lumens.  
    9hours at 4000.  
    18 hours at 2000 lumens.
* Light Source: CREE XML LED.
* Charge Time: 8 hrs
* Head Size (mm): L300 x W58 x D248.
* Head Weight: 2.4 kg.
* Powerpack Size: tba
* Powerpack Weight: tba
* Height: 1500mm (extends to 3500mm).
* Tripod Weight: 4.5 kg.
* Total Weight: 8.1 kg

Supplied with Ac Charger, 16K Solaris Head, Tripod and Li-ion Powerpack.

Environmentally friendly, the 16K Solaris head is robust and can light large areas.  The 16,000 lumen maximum light output is more efficient giving better running times than conventional LED floodlights.  The Solaris head uses 3x30degree angle linear opticsreducing light polution and effectively doubles the LUX value on the target area (compared to conventional LED floodlights).  All Solaris heads are cool to touch with no noise and fully portable running from the rechargeable powerpack.

The benefits of Lithium-ion technology is the batteries are robust, lightweight and maintenance free meaning that you can be sure to consistently get the best light output throughout the products life span.

  • Lightweight battery pack
  • Low self discharge rate
  • Protection PCB switches off preventing deep discharge
  • Maintenance free rechargeable battery
  • Green technology with virtually zero carbon emissions
  • designed to minimise your impact on the environment
Set of carry bags and ground stability pegs also available as extras, please see below

* Due to International Transport and Shipping regulations, We can only dispatch this item to UK customers


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